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inpatient eating disorder treatment

Remuda Ranch: Treatment That Works

Where to go for Eating Disorder Treatment?

Life is full of choices – some big, others small. The decision to enter inpatient treatment may be difficult; however, the decision regarding who to trust with your care is easy. More than 10,000 patients have come to Remuda Ranch for treatment. Why? Because it works.

Our Remuda West Location – Arizona

The Arizona desert has always been a place of healing. In decades past, many with physical ailments traveled west to recover in the warm climate. Today, women and girls come to Remuda Ranch to regain strength, restore health and enter recovery. Learn more about this incredible treatment center.

Videos and Virtual Tours

Words alone cannot possibly capture the splendor of the Sonoran desert. So, take a moment to experience it yourself. Learn more about these healing environments and Remuda Ranch treatment programs.

Admission Process and Insurance Coverage

Our Admissions Representatives are highly trained and very knowledgeable individuals. Even more important, they are caring, compassionate women who truly understand what it’s like to have an eating or anxiety disorder. Their goal is to answer all of your questions, then make treatment as accessible and affordable as possible. Learn more about admissions here.

Company History

Remuda Ranch was founded on the belief that complete and lasting recovery from an eating disorder was possible. In time, we extended that same belief to those with anxiety disorders.Learn more about how this small company became the leading treatment program in the country today.


Every woman or girl who comes to us for treatment remains important to us, long after she returns home. That’s why we stay in touch in a variety of ways. Learn more about our alumni interaction and support.


Everyday we receive letters and messages from professionals in the field, former patients and their families. Learn more about what these people have to say about treatment at Remuda Ranch.

Contact Us

Whether you are a professional in need of resource material, or a potential patient with questions about treatment, we are always here for you. Learn more about how to contact us and how we can help.